Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I apologize for not posting for a while. I was in the hospital with Pneumonia for a week but I am better now. I have also recently found out that a cousin of mine is dying of cancer and doesn't have a lot of time left. I went and saw her this past Sunday.

                  -Stay awesome


Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody

Valentine's Day is a wonderful holiday and I know not everyone has someone to share it with.

Just know that if you are alone this Valentine's Day that you are a special wonderful person. Life is hard but each and everyone of you is strong enough to bounce back. You are all smart, beautiful people that deserve happiness. 

-Love always,


Monday, January 20, 2014

Ashes Ashes

Ashes Ashes
Hear my cry
Another day is going by
Let it be simple and sweet
Not dark and hard to keep
Let the days stay and go as simple as a stream
And not once let the silence teem
Ashes Ashes
Hear my cry 
Another day has gone by


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sorry I was gone so long!

Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Life has been busy. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's. I hope you got everything you asked for and hope your New Year's resolution will happen. My year was full of ups and downs but I hope this year will be better. I graduate in May and will then be off to college. I will be able to post on my blog as I go through this. I hope college won't be that difficult or time consuming. Thank you everyone who has viewed my blog and has enjoyed all the info I had to share.

For fun I will tell you what I got for Christmas:
A tablet
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
Pokemon Black and Black 2
Pokemon X
Hello Kitty Fleece Blanket (i love hello kitty <3)
A new bag
A used laptop from my friend (works very well. he got a new one so he didn't need this one)

I pray that peace, love, happiness, and awesomeness will come your way everyone!

Thursday, October 24, 2013



Lust is as red as an open wound but something you can’t live without for it makes us human.

Greed is as green as the money you wish for but it makes you human and we always want things.

Wrath is as black as a moonless night a sin I wish we wouldn’t feel but one many know quite well.

Envy is as purple as a bruise but we cannot live without this because we all want to be someone else when the going gets tough.

Gluttony is as orange as a food or an object they overdo with but there will always be people who will want to overdo because they think it will makes things better.

Pride is a rainbow of colors because pride comes in many forms because there are people who believe they are invincible or have way too many flaws well you are not invincible and someone might find those so called flaws beauty.

Sloth is as blue as the couch they lay on but we can all be lazy couch potatoes and some people deserve to be one because they work their fingers to the bone for something they love.

These 7 sins may be horrible to some but I believe they are beautiful because they make every single one of us alike in some way. We all feel one or more of these 7. We are all different I know this but these 7 sins are one thing that all of us feel one time in their lives.

Just a little something I made for fun. I get bored and my muse is nagging at me lol so I have to do something about it ^^

Monday, October 21, 2013


They make us human
Make us see things differently
They hold us back or help us
They are good as well as bad
They are very complicated
To tell you the truth, they make me not want to be human anymore
Bottling them up makes me hurt but it’s better than letting them go and run free like a rampaging ocean of despair
I'd rather be a force of nature
Fire or water
Earth or air
Anything but this flesh and blood we call "living"
Why can't I just float away on a breeze?
Sometimes it feels like I will
What do I do?
Is anyone there who can understand the beauty of my words?
Because right now I am feeling the emotion I hate most
A little poem I made when I was feeling alone and afraid. I still am but not as bad.


Cute aren't they! ^^
The ground ones (brown in color) are called Venus Djinn. The water ones (blue in color) are called Mercury Djinn. The fire ones (red and yellow in color) are called Mars Djinn. The air ones (purple in color) are called Jupiter Djinn. There are varying Djinn with their own powers. Some can attack, some can heal, some can revive, some boost your attack, defense, agility, and resistance, and can give you new psynergy powers. When you use them they get put on stand by and while in stand by if you have a certain number of a certain type you can summon and example of this is you need 2 Venus (ground) Djinn on standby to summon Ramses. When after you summon the Djinn rest but not for long. You cannot lose Djinn as far as I know. I know I haven't lost any yet.

Again I do not own the game this is purely for information and fans of the games.